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SWADE JumpStart

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

Official announcement time! We here at Wingspan Games have been working hard for the past year on creating a new Savage Worlds setting. A preview of the setting, along with an adventure are coming along with the new edition of Savage Worlds. 

What is Steam Lords of Venus?

Steam Opera on a Venus that never was, venusians fight for their freedom against cythereans and the hordes of demons that they summon. Knights, wearing the massive steam-powered knight’s armor lead mercenary groups, or orders dedicated to ridding the world of demons. Meanwhile, mechanists and their cults are committed to leading Venus into a new age of technological miracles. 

Knight's Armor

In the Free Cities, cytherean agents seek to sow discord and keep the people of Venus from uniting, while merchants, nobles, and politicians seek to establish a new order in the wake of a collapsing empire. Meanwhile, scholars and adventurers, venture deep into the dinosaur-filled Wilds to seek out the ancient mysteries locked away in temples of the demons who once ruled over all the people of Venus. 

What is the JumpStart?

The JumpStart will contain everything you need to jump right into adventure. An introduction to the setting, an adventure, characters, and of course, adversaries. 

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