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Steam Lords of Venus

Steam Opera adventure on a Venus that never was! A world with dangerous jungles, dark swamps, and volcanic plains inhabited by dinosaurs and demons.

The Free Cities of Venus have banded together using technology powered by steam, lightning, and alchemy to liberate the great city of Athrak from the grip of the demon-summoning Cythereans. A new age of exploration and expansion has begun on Venus. Some search for clues to the origins of the Venusian people, while others search for new resources to exploit and get more power for themselves and their cities. 

On the Venusian supercontinent, dangerous jungles full of dinosaurs keep explorers on their toes. In the cities, Cytherean agitators seek to divide the Venusian people and reclaim the glory of their empire. 

Action and adventure come to Venus in this new Savage Worlds setting, in development now. Join the brave steam knights, mechanists, and other heroes of Venus as they fight for their freedom on a wild planet.

Demon-possessed tyrosaur and demon by artist Chelsea Marie. Copyright © 2018 Wingspan Games.